LD Systems LD MAI LA M

LD Systems LD MAI LA M

รหัสสินค้า: 34L15011 Brand: LD Systems
Stereo system as a combination of ground stack PA, column system and line array components

Total power: 10 kW

2×15″ high-performance subwoofer in bandpass design

MAILA COL low-mid column module with integrated 2.5 kW amplifier

Tweeter and midrange driver of the satellites in WaveAhead® arrangement + passive membrane for extended low-midrange reproduction

Elegant and robust aluminium housing for MAILA SAT and MAILA COL

Innovative EasySplay® mechanism for angle adjustment (0 – 8°) of each satellite with only one hand

SmartLink+® enables cable-free connection of column module and satellite

Configurable via dedicated MAILA Quick Setup App (iPadOS)

LogoLink®: Wireless antennas integrated in the LD logo for wireless app connection


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MAILA M is a full-blown, full-range stereo system that sets new standards with its flexibility In the M configuration, MAILA delivers a total output of 10 kW and combines several acoustic concepts into a sound reinforcement solution that is unique to date: bandpass subwoofer with cardioid function, column element with integrated DSP amplifier and coaxial satellite with line array functionality.

The basis of MAILA M is the 2.5 kW 2×15” high-performance subwoofer in bandpass design with its newly developed SysCore® DSP that delivers a massive and powerful bass foundation. On top of the subwoofer sits the MAILA COL full-range column module, sporting 4x 6.5” woofers for an extended low-mid range as well as a 4-channel DSP amplifier (2.5 kW) with SysCore® DSP powering the MAILA SAT satellites via the cable-free SmartLink+® rails.

The MAILA SAT satellites sit on top of the COL column element in an elegant unibody aluminium housing. Based on Advanced WaveAhead® technology, each SAT has five 1” tweeters placed in front of a 6.5” midrange driver which are coupled without interference via the SonicGuide® (two combined waveguides). Furthermore, despite the satellite’s compact dimensions, the integrated passive membrane provides extended punch down to 100 Hz. The result is a classic line array dispersion pattern with an impressive throw due to the height of the ground stack setup of up to 3 metres.

On the back of the housing of each MAILA SAT is a rotating handle which hides a groundbreaking innovation: via the patented EasySplay® mechanism, users can adjust the inclination of each individual satellite continuously from 0° to 8° in the blink of an eye. The angle can be adjusted with just one hand, even under load. In this way, every MAILA system offers a uniquely flexible concept for adapting the sound coverage to any sound reinforcement situation at any time.

MAILA is not just “one” product, but a scalable sound reinforcement system that sets new standards in its diversity and flexibility. If required, the MAILA COL column module can control up to eight MAILA SAT and, in addition to the ground stack variant, also enables flown configurations with a separately placed subwoofer. In this way, MAILA M covers small festival stages and clubs just as effortlessly and precisely as conferences or lectures in the context of corporate events.

Directly on the device or via the free MAILA app (iPadOS), every MAILA system can be adjusted quickly, easily and in detail and supplied with software updates wirelessly. Based on the integrated LogoLink® Wireless Connection, operating ranges of up to 30 metres under practical conditions are no problem for MAILA. Once connected, the app automatically detects the available MAILA components and enables the system to be set up quickly and easily – including calculation of the SAT angles – in the run-up to an event. The highlight: the wireless antennas are invisibly integrated into the LD logos (LogoLink®).

With MAILA, LD Systems presents a new sound reinforcement concept with which users do not need to commit to one system only. MAILA has many faces.

Scope of delivery includes: 8x MAILA SAT satellite, 2x MAILA COL column, 2x MAILA SUB subwoofer, 2 x MAILA FC2, 2 x MAILA SUB CB, 2 x MAILA SUB PC and 4 x power cable.



Product type PA system
Type Set
Components 8 x MAILA SAT, 2 x MAILA COL, 2 x MAILA SUB
Total Height 2920mm (Vertikal subwoofer)
Dispersion (H x V) 100° x Curvature dependent
Accessories (included) 2 x MAILA FC2, 2 x MAILA SUB CB, 2 x MAILA SUB PC, 4 x power cable
System Power (RMS) 10000 W
Frequency response (-6dB) 34 Hz – 20 kHz
Weight 293,2 kg


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