JOYO MOMIX Audio Interface Portable Mixer

JOYO MOMIX Audio Interface Portable Mixer

รหัสสินค้า: 21J04001 Brand: Joyo

Joyo® Momix Audio Interface Portable Mixer for Music Recording, Live Streaming and ETC


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JOYO MOMIX Audio Interface Portable Mixer

Joyo® Momix Audio Interface Portable Mixer for Music Recording, Live Streaming and ETC. with XLR and TRS Input + Free USB Cable **1 Year Warranty**

MOMIX is a mixer for portable device’s recording & live streaming, you can connect it to microphone, guitars, keyboard, electronic drum sets and more, and 2 stereo line-level input Jacks for your multi-media equipments. Just setup the instruments and vocal volume of the MOMIX properly, connect the headphone or amp to it, and it can monitor well.

When you’re composing songs or want to use guitar effects pedal APP, justturn on GarageBand or similar types of software, and use it with MOMIX, besides, MOMIX is suitable for singing and live streaming, just turn on MOMIX’s CENTER CANCEL function and reduce the original vocal volume of playback music, making your vocal prominent.

if you need audio-to-video synchronization, MOMIX can output the stereo audio to your smartphone in real time, it’s perfect for composing songs, live streamer’s instrumental performance/karaoke, musicians, recording, performances, making the present music performance much more convenient and versatile!


  • Mic : 2.2KΩ -45dBv
  • Guitar: 1MΩ -20dBv
  • Power: USB type-C sv
  • current Consumption: 50mA
  • LINE IN: 10KΩ -10dBV
  • Audio Resolution Sampling: 48KHz/16bit
  • Output Level: MONITOR: 0dBV
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 91mm x 124mm x 34mm
  • Weight: 0.149KG
  • Accessories: USB Type C Cable x1

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